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CAN Fund #150Women Online Auction

We are delighted with the outpouring of support for our female athletes who compete for Canada. The online auction features over 100 fantastic items and unique experiences spanning three pages.

The majority of athletes rely on CAN Fund to afford proper nutrition, equipment and travel expenses like gas and flights to attend competitions and training camps. Which is why on the third page we have included a variety of BUY NOW opportunities where you can make a donation to buy a female athlete a Gas Card ($100), Food/Groceries ($350), Flights ($500) and make her a CAN Fund #150 Women recipient ($6000). You will receive a tax receipt for any of these donations and find out the female athlete you are supporting.

EPIC NEWS: Every auction item sold and BUY NOW donation is being matched dollar for dollar.


Gather the EPIC Women You Know

CAN Fund #150Women Map

CAN Fund #150Women are hosting events in their communities!  

From lunches, after work cocktails, panel discussions, a dinner at your home, to working out, gather the epic women you know. We will assist you in planning your event and organizing CAN Fund #150Women recipients to attend.

Reach us by email:    phone: 1-866-937-2012

CAN Fund #150Women Events

To connect with us, contact us at or 1-866-937-2012