Pre-Game Meal


CAN Fund Pre-Game Meal – Host A Dinner Party At Your Home

Your home your friends but imagine your next dinner party also includes Olympic Athletes who have represented Canada on the world stage!

CAN Fund is inviting Canadians across Canada to host a Pre-Game Meal at their home this year.  The premise is simple.  You host a dinner party in whatever style you prefer, sit-down, cocktail, or a themed event.  It can be as casual or as elegant as you wish.  You invite your friends to attend (6 guest minimum) and CAN Fund invites Canadian Olympians to be your special guests.

CAN Fund will help you create your Pre-Game Meal by discussing your preferences and the possibilities with you to ensure it is a unique experience for you and your guests.  From asking you your favourite sports so athletes from those sports can attend to sharing a Pre-Game Meal evite with you, to providing you the option to create your own personal fundraising page and more. To get started in planning your Pre-Game Meal, download and complete the Host Detail Form.  

Email: for more information or call 1-866-937-2012


This is a rare opportunity for an evening of extraordinary conversations, a chance to hear what it takes to be the best in the world and to surround yourself with excellence.

You are also able to set up and manage your own Personal Pre-Game Meal Fundraising Page. This tool allows you to invite your guests, share all the details about your event including the athletes that will be attending and set a fundraising goal that you would like to achieve for your Pre-Game Meal. Your guests can donate online directly to your event page so you can track your goal.  Each donation to CAN Fund is an opportunity to share in the excitement of supporting an athlete who is training to wear the Maple Leaf on the world stage. A tax receipt will be issued for every donation, and CAN Fund will share the name and story of the athlete(s) you are supporting.