Pre-Game Meal


CAN Fund is excited to be launching the Pre-Game Meal in 2016.

Your home, your friends and CAN Fund brings the Olympic medalists to share their stories and medals.  Invite your friends over for a dinner party or book a restaurant of your choice and your guests make a donation to CAN Fund. CAN Fund will help you get started in planning your Pre-Game Meal.  Email: for more information or call 1-866-937-2012


You are also able to set up and manage your own personal Pre-Game Meal Fundraising Page. This tool allows you to invite your guests, share all the details about your event including the athletes that will be attending and set a fundraising goal that you would like to achieve for your Pre-Game Meal. Your guests can donate online directly to your event page so you can track your goal. With every donation to CAN Fund the donor receives a tax receipt and finds out the name of the Canadian athlete supported.