CAN Fund #150Women


CAN Fund #150Women began as a campaign and quickly transformed into a community of women with a shared vision of supporting female athletes who compete
for Canada and each other.

Over 2000 women from across Canada are CAN Fund #150Women members. Every woman is making a donation of $150 or more and giving female athletes the opportunity to afford new equipment, extra physiotherapy, proper nutrition, coaching, and pay for flights to training camps and competitions.

CAN Fund #150Women members are also sharing knowledge, passions, networks, and building a community of purpose. 


How are we doing? To date CAN Fund #150Women has funded 556 female
athletes with $6,000 each. Now in 2023 each CAN Fund #150Women recipient
will receive $8000 each.

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BE EPIC! Love yourself, be brave, take risks to get what you want in life, and
empower women around you to follow your lead.


If you have received the gift of CAN Fund #150Women, congratulations! You are now part of an exceptional network of women. E-mail us at to register for communications and find out about the upcoming events in your community.

To connect with us, contact us at or 1-866-937-2012