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Right now Eric and Vizma Sprott are matching all donations 
up to $3 million.

This is the largest personal donation to Canadian athletes and an incredible opportunity to raise $6 million.  Thank you Eric and Vizma for believing in our athletes and rallying Canadians from coast to coast to get behind them now, when they need our support the most. One year, one day out, because every day counts. These next 12 months are critical for our athletes as they compete around the world to qualify and realize their dream. 

Nothing unites a nation like sport
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The majority of Canadian athletes rely on CAN Fund as they endeavour to be the best in the world.  Athletes use CAN Fund to afford travel to training camps and competitions, equipment, proper nutrition, coaching and to pay team fees.   

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With every donation you find out the name of the athlete you are supporting and receive a tax receipt.

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“Being a CAN Fund recipient is a huge help on my journey. The funding will go towards my biggest training camp before competing at a test event that could guarantee my selection to Tokyo.”

– Joanna Brown, Triathlon