Athlete Speaking Roster

Alexandra Orlando, Rhythmic Gymnastics
“Overcoming Obstacles and Fighting Back”

Annamay Pierse, Swimming
“Never giving up – The Journey to Success”

Ben Rutledge, Rowing
“You! are the Key to your own Success”

Benoit Huot, Paralympic Swimming
“How to Achieve your Goals and Dreams”

Brian Price, Rowing-Men’s Eight Coxswain
“Cancer Survivor to Olympic Gold – My Life, My Road, My Lessons”

Buffy Williams, Rowing
“Believe in your Dream and Enjoy the Journey”

Carla MacLeod, Ice Hockey
“Just an Ordinary Girl with Extraordinary Opportunities”

Caroline Ouellette, Ice Hockey
“Teamwork, Coaching and Leadership”

Chris Le Bihan, Bobsleigh
“What is Talent?”

Conrad Leinemann, Beach Volleyball
“Follow Your Dreams”

Deidra Dionne, Freestyle Skiing
“Thriving in the face of Adversity”

Heather Moyse, Bobsleigh
“The Smallest of Inspirations”

Jasey Jay Anderson, Snowboarding
“The Road to Olympic Best”

Jayna Hefford, Ice Hockey
“Whatever it Takes”

Jennifer Botterill, Ice Hockey
“Pursuing Excellence”

Kelly VanderBeek, Alpine Skiing
“Taking Inspiration from the Least Likely Places”

Kyle Shewfelt, Gymnastics
“Peak Performance”

Michelle Stilwell, Para Athletics
“Believe to Achieve”

Rachelle Viinberg, Rowing
“Achieving Your Best Through Health and Balance”

Sami Jo Small, Ice Hockey
“It’s Not About the Medal”

Sandra Lize, Water Polo
“It’s Not Whether You Fall, It’s Whether You Get Up”

Sarah Hunter, Wheelchair Tennis
“The Only Limits We Have Are The Ones We Impose On Ourselves”

Tonya Verbeek, Wrestling
“The Places You Will Go”

Tracy Cameron, Rowing
“Live it!”