Andrea Bundon

Name: Andrea Bundonandrea-bundon--courtney-knight
Sport: Cross Country Skiing (Paralympic)
Hometown: Regina, SK

Favorite Sports Memory:
When skiing with Courtney at the sprint at NorAms this year – I knew at that race that 2010 was going to be a great season for Courtney and me.

Favorite Quote:
“You can do anything for a minute”
– my dad

CAN Fund Testimonial:
The CAN Fund is an incredible organization – they get money into the hands of Canada’s athletes exactly when it’s needed most. I especially admire how they help build relationships between athletes and their supporters and encourage athletes to give back when they can.

Fun Facts:
I’m primarily a rower but rowing and cross country skiing are pretty complementary and I expected my rowing training would prepare me to ski with Courtney. What I hadn’t expected was that the most useful skill I would bring from rowing to paranordic guiding was the ability to shoulder check at race pace – in rowing we go backwards and always have to shoulder check to see our course and in guiding I’m constantly checking to make sure Courtney is still right behind me.