Antoine Valois-Fortier

Name: Antoine Valois-Fortier Antoine 2
CAN Fund recipient since 2016
Nickname:  AVF, Tony 
Hometown: Québec city ,QC
Sport: Judo 

Best Result: 3rd place at the 2012 Olympics and 2nd place at the 2014 World Championship 

On The National Team Since (Year): 2009 

Best advice you have received? 
Don’t let success go to your head, or defeat go to your heart.

What is your favourite tv series? 
Games of Thrones

How did you get involved in your sport? 
I was a very energetic kid and my parents were looking for a sport to calm me down! Judo is a sport where respect and discipline is important so they put me in and I have never stop since. 

What is your favourite thing about being on the road with your teammates? 
The great memory we share in great and unique places around the world.

What is your pre-game/pre-competition meal? 
A mountain of pasta!! 

 Share three words to describe your Olympic journey


Instagram: @antoinevf 
Twitter: @antoine_vf