Ariane Lavigne

Name: Ariane Lavigneariane-lavigne-headshot
Sport: Snowboarding
Hometown: Mont-tremblant, QC
Nickname: Riri!
Favourite Sports Memory: Being in Vancouver for the 2010 winter games, feeling this amazing and inspiring Olympic vibe, and seeing Jasey-Jay Anderson win gold!
How you got involved in your sport: When I decided to go to Cegep and University I quit ski racing. I soon was missing being outside enjoying the snow winter and having an athletic challenge. My friends, Lili and Pat, proposed I try snowboarding and join the club. From there I was hooked on it and a new passion began!
The moment you knew you wanted to represent Canada: When I got accepted on national team in 2009, I saw the possibility to represent Canada in Vancouver. Unfortunately, I didn’t qualified. I went to Vancouver as a funrunner, and felt the Olympic vibe. I told myself I would do everything to be an Olympian and get to Sochi!
Favourite Quote: “Go big or go home!”
CAN Fund Testimonial: To be the best in my sport, I choose to give my everything each day. Always innovating and pushing my limits to improve. Without support from CAN Fund I wouldn’t be able to achieve my goals and live my dream. Thanks to every CAN Fund donor!
Best Result: Bronze medal 2013 Sochi World Cup.
Share one valuable tool that you use on a daily basis that helps you to be the best athlete you can be: Being a nutritionist helps me stay fit and energetic over a whole season, when traveling and competing. I know what my body needs, and use different strategies to provide my body with optimal energy!
Who is one person in your life that has impacted your career and what was it that they taught you: Patrik Gaudet – Tremblant snowboard club coach. Without him, I wouldn’t be snowboarding! He taught me how to snowboard and shared his passion for this amazing sport!
Have you read any articles or books or watched any videos or movies recently that really inspired you: I’ve been read many times during different periods the sport psychology book In pursuit of excellence by Terry Orlick. Each time I read it I always get a new perspective depending on what I’m looking for.
Fun Facts: Yes I’m an athlete and nutritionist, but I love poutine and dessert made with maple syrup!