Brady Leman

Name: Brady Lemanbrady-leman
Sport: Ski Cross
Hometown: Calgary, AB

Favorite Sports Memory:
My favorite sports memory would be when I won the seeding round at X Games 2009, I won by a large moment and it was a great feeling to finally be number one going into the finals.

Favorite Quote:
Pain is weakness leaving the body

CAN Fund Testimonial:
The funding provided by CAN Fund is essential in helping athletes like myself chase their dreams. They are second to none in fundraising for amateur sport in Canada!

Best Result:
7th place 2009 X-Games, Aspen Colorado

Fun Facts:
My superstition is that I like to wear the same clothes (shirt long underwear etc) until I have a bad race, So if for 3 or 4 races in a row, I have good results, I will wear the same thing, then once a bad one comes along its time for a change!