Brittany Schussler

Name: Brittany Schusslerbrittany-schussler-headshot
Sport: Speed Skating
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Nickname: Britt

Favourite Sports Memory: Winning my first World Cup medal.

How you got involved in your sport: My parents wanted me to learn to skate so that I had something to keep me active in the winter.

The moment you knew you wanted to represent Canada: Meeting Susan Auch at the airport after the 1994 Olympics.

Favourite Quote: “Normal people do special things” ~ Marnie McBean

CAN Fund Testimonial: Getting the surprise phone call from CAN Fund that I was a recipient instantly took pressure off of my everyday life and made me able to focus more on skating towards a medal in Sochi 2014!

Best Result:
-1st at World Championships 2009 in Team Pursuit
-Silver in 1500m at a World Cup

Share one valuable tool that you use on a daily basis that helps you to be the best athlete you can be: Always be hydrated! Keep water beside your bed and drink it as soon as you wake up in the morning.

Who is one person in your life that has impacted your career and what was it that they taught you: My parents taught me that there are always tough sacrifices to make but anything is possible. They gave up so much when I was young just so that I could take a shot at being an Olympian. I am so happy that I have been able to see it through and make them proud!

Have you read any articles or books or watched any videos or movies recently that really inspired you: I love this video, it’s funny but also inspiring:

Fun Facts:
-I talk to my dog as if he is a human
-I always put on my left skate first
-I am terrified of bats