Carol Huynh

Name: Carol Huynhcarol-huynh
Sport: Wrestling
Hometown: New Hazelton, BC

Favorite Sport Memory:
Winning Gold medal at the Olympic Games in 2008

CAN Fund Testimonial:
I am now a two-time recipient of the CAN Fund and it has helped me to be able to focus on training and competing instead of paying bills. Holding down a job while being a full-time athlete is something I don’t have to do because of programs like the CAN Fund. Being able to focus my time and energy on training and competing is the reason why I have had success as an athlete.

Best Result:
Gold medal at the 2008 Olympic Games

Fun Facts:
I hate moths – I’m kind of scared of them because they flutter around all unpredictable like threatening to get stuck in your hair and fly into your face (I know, it sounds crazy) – in fact, I don’t really like butterflies either (except from a distance!)