Christina Julien

Name: Christina Julien
Sport: Soccer
Hometown: Williamstown, ON
Nickname: CJ

Favorite Sports Memory: Qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Games at home in Vancouver!

How you got involved in your sport: My dad was a sports stud and signed me up for hockey and soccer when I was 5.

The moment you knew you wanted to represent Canada: Since I was 10 years old and I hung up my first poster of Christine Kiss in my room.

Favorite Quote: “A big star is a little star that kept shooting”

CAN Fund Testimonial: CAN Fund is an amazing program that is honestly helping so many Canadian athletes in their quest to achieve their own dreams. We are lucky to have such a program in place, as it’s a very difficult task to balance pursuing your dreams with everyday life.

Best Result: Ranked 6thin the World, CONCACAF 2011 Gold medalists.

Share one valuable tool that you use on a daily basis that helps you to be the best athlete you can be: I make a checklist of everything I have to do for physical preparation for the day and I make sure that I get it done.

Who is one person in your life that has impacted your career and what was it that they taught you: My dad, he’s been my biggest supporter every since I put on my first pair of cleats. He taught me how to enjoy what I was doing and to have fun while putting in the work.

Have you read any articles or books or watched any videos or movies recently that really inspired you: I just read Lance Armstrongs book “It’s Not about the Bike” and I was so inspired. That man went through so much but still found a way to overcome everything and win one of the hardest races in the world.

Fun Facts: My nickname used to be Corky because as a kid I used to have really short hair and I would put about 15 ponytails in it all over my head so they all looked like little corks. (yeah that’s embarrassing) The nickname stuck until college. I love badminton and will challenge anyone to a game. I played hockey for Team Ontario and won a National Championship when I was 18. I actually played with a couple of the girls that are on Team Canada now.