Colleen Sostorics

Name: Colleen SostoricsPhoto by Jeff Vinnick-Hockey Canada
Sport: Ice Hockey
Hometown: Kennedy, SK
Nickname: Stubs

Favorite Sport Memory:
Being present for the men’s hockey victory at the 2002 Olympics just days after we had won the women’s gold medal. With minutes still left to play, the Canadian fans sang O’Canada while the time ticked down. It was an amazing moment.

Favorite Quote:
Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall

CAN Fund Testimonial:
CAN Fund offers Canadian Athletes the opportunity to focus when striving to compete and win for Canada at Olympic Games. Thank You Can Fund!

Best Result:
2010 Olympic Gold Medalist
2006 Olympic Gold Medalist
2002 Olympic Gold Medalist

Fun Facts:
I juggle before every game. Tessa Bonhomme and I have an entire routine with balls, and we recently started learning to juggle clubs.