Curt Minard

Curt Minard - Para-Snowboard1

Curt Minard
Sport: Para Snowboard
Hometown: Weyburn, SK
Nickname: Curty

Why are you proud to be Canadian?
I am proud to be Canadian because I can throw 6 “ehs” in a sentence and still make it flow.

What is the biggest hurdle you have overcome to get to where you are today?

The biggest hurdle was believing in myself… I was broken after my accident. Not only physically but mentally.  The mental component crippled my ability to believe that I could accomplish anything and be anyone I wanted to be…. I just needed to believe and remove my insecurities. Once this mindset shifted, I was pushing limits and conquering disability every opportunity I had. I measured myself against able bodied individuals and believed I could be as good or better. It has never been easy… but tell me I can’t… and I will find a way to rise above and achieve.

What are your words to live by or your motto?
“Results are Limitless…if you believe in yourself”

What advice would you give to young kids or teenagers about following their dreams?
Don’t let anyone dictate your future, be the one who creates your path! Live, life to the fullest with no regrets and don’t talk back to your parents!

Best advice you have received?
“You need to lower your expectations” Wrong thing to say to a determined Sasky boy!

“Come over here and give me a hand”   Good thing I have eight left hands!

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