Danielle Lappage

Name:  Danielle LappageDanielle
CAN Fund  #150Women Recipient
:  Dan, Dani
Hometown:  Olds, AB
Sport: Wresting
Best Result: Silver- Senior World Championships   
On the National Team Since (Year):  2006

In two sentences or less, what does it mean to be supported by women?
It is extraordinary to be a part of this unprecedented movement, and to be a woman being supported (in such a big way) by other women. Knowing that successful and highly respected women are helping fuel Canadian athletes dreams is indescribable. It means they believe in what we are doing and want to see us succeed – there is no better gift than that kind of support.

What is your favourite quote?
“Not everyone gets the opportunity to be stressed by the potential to achieve exceptional things”

Do you have any pre-competition superstitions or routines?
Double low five my coach before every match!

What are your hobbies?
Learning/ education (currently in Law School at the U of C), hiking, and watching movies!

What is your favourite thing about being on the road with your teammates?
Getting to create and share experiences with some of your best friends, while competing in a sport we are passionate about – there is nothing better. We get to see the world, experience different cultures and traditions, and connect with some of the greatest people in the world – together as a team. These experiences form the strongest of bonds that last a lifetime.