David Snider

Name: David Sniderdavid_snider
Sport: Badminton
Hometown: Winnipeg, MB
Nickname: Dave

Favorite Sport Memory:
Winning my first National Championship in 2008 at age 19.

Favorite Quote:
Show me a guy who’s afraid to look bad, and I’ll show you a guy you can beat every time.
– Lou Brock

CAN Fund Testimonial:
Beginning in August I am moving to Copenhagen, Denmark to train full-time for my sport. It is a very expensive endeavor that I cannot afford alone. It is important for me that I seek out financial support so that I can train hard and live relatively comfortably so that I can achieve my sporting goals. Settings up my budget for the next year is a bit of a scary experience, more specifically, the difference between income and expense columns. The money from this grant goes a very long way with me. I am impressed with how easy the application process was for the CAN Fund. Usually a lot of time and energy is required to access money. I am also impressed with the people who are associated with the CAN Fund. I received a phone call from someone who was almost as excited as I was with the news about the success of my application. I know this organization’s best interest is with the athletes. It is an honor for me to be recognized by the CAN Fund and I am motivated to promote and support its causes.

Best Result:
2008 Pan American Single Champion

Fun Facts:
I have a hidden talent that I can eat food at an extraordinary pace, I mean I don’t even have to chew half the time. I attribute it to my large tongue, enlarged salivary gland and gaping esophagus. I do believe I could have a future in speed eating.