Dayna Pidhoresky

Name: Dayna Pidhoresky
CAN Fund #150Women Recipient
Hometown: Windsor, ON
Current Residence: Vancouver, BC
Sport: Athletics – Marathon
Nicknames: D, D-Pid, Danish

What are some words to live by?
Be resilient and persistent, ignoring the voices telling you that you can’t. Always be humble, always be willing to learn, and above all, always run with a heart full of gratitude.

Biggest lesson you have learned to get to where you are today?
Focus on yourself and don’t compare yourself to others. It is exhausting to constantly second guess your training and compare it to what (you think) others are doing. Trust your training, work hard and race with confidence.
Outside of training, what do you do to fill your day?
I love being outside in nature, exploring my beautiful surroundings and working on my photography skills. I also enjoy cooking, new baking projects, cycling, and hanging out with my two crazy cats (and husband). 

What are your life essentials?
Coffee, running shoes, sunscreen.

Instagram: @daynapid
Twitter: @daynapidhoresky

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