Devohn Noronha Teixeira

Name: Devohn Noronha TeixeiraDevohn Noronha Teixeira
CAN Fund Recipient Since: 2015
Sport: Field Hockey
Best Result:
7th at the 2007 Indoor World Cup
2015 Pan Am Games Silver Medalist
Hometown: Mississauga, ON
Nickname: Devo
Horoscope Sign: Aquarius
On The National Team Since: Indoor Team: 2004; Outdoor Team: 2009

How does being a CAN Fund Recipient make a difference for you?
Being a CAN Fun Recipient helps to relieve some of the financial burden of being a Canadian Athlete. It lifts some of the debt that I have incurred throughout the year from training and participating and travelling to competitions.

How did you get involved in your sport?
My whole family has played field hockey for years so you could probably say it’s in my blood

What is your proudest moment?
Hard to say what my proudest moment is, maybe it has not come for me yet. However, every time I strap on that Canadian jersey and stand on the field while the Canadian anthem is playing I get goose bumps and I look to my left, to my right and into the crowd and think “this could be my last one, give everything you got.” So I believe my proudest moment is the last time I stepped onto the field and not something special that I have done.

What is one thing you have had to overcome and how did you do so?
I had a 3 year period where I had a series of injuries which put me out of commission and every time I recovered to play again I would re-injure myself or a new injury would come up. Finally, I hit a road block, I tore ligaments in my ankle which forced me to take 8 months off due to surgery but I promised to myself I would come back stronger or I wouldn’t come back at all. This gave me time to train my body properly and fully recover from all my injuries. I did come back stronger, had a few setbacks and minor scares when I hurt myself again but I bounced back quickly because I was physically and mentally stronger.

What does sport mean to you?
I have dedicated my life to sport. There are many other paths I could have chosen but field hockey is the path that I am on. Until the end of my career and maybe even after my career field hockey will be a big part of my life.

What is a healthy snack you eat before or after training sessions?

What is in your refrigerator right now?
Rice and curry

What are your words to live by or your motto?
“What you are is God’s gift to you; What you become is your gift to God.”

What do you value most in your friends?

What advice would you give to young kids or teenagers about following their dreams?
Never give up on your dreams. At times they may seem so far away or even unachievable but the joy of achievement far outweighs the work.

If you weren’t a Canadian athlete you would be?
An Athletic Therapist

What are you favourite places in the world you have visited?
Goa, India, London, England and Kenya

What three items do you take with you on every road trip?
A map, music and friends

What is your favourite quote?
“You miss 100% of the shots you do not take” – Wayne Gretzky

Who is your favourite athlete?
Donovan Bailey

What is your favourite tv series?

What is your favourite song or band/musician?
Michael Jackson

Twitter: @devohn
Instagram: devohn89

Devohn Noronha Teixeira