Diana Weicker

Name:  Diana WeickerDiana
CAN Fund  #150Women Recipient    
:  “D”
Hometown:  Kentville, NS
Sport: Wrestling
Best Result:   2018 World Bronze Medalist, 2018 Commonwealth Games Champion, 2019 Pan Am Bronze Medalist
On the National Team Since (Year):  2017 (Senior National Team)

Who is one woman who has significantly impacted your life/journey? 
My grandmother, she was not athletic, nor do I know if she ever knew the level of competition I was reaching. But her personality carries with me every day. She was calm, confident, and relentless. She was the most quiet kind of powerful and would never take ‘no’ as an answer. It was hard to see when I was young, but as I got older I understood her better every day. She was so inspiring. 

Share 3 words that describe who that person is to you.

What is the biggest hurdle you have overcome to get to where you are today?
Coming back to sport after having children. I didn’t prepare for it to be the hurdle that it was. Of course I knew I had less sleep, and less time to myself, and my body went through physical changes that were SO difficult to come back from. But also unsuspecting stigma, and challenges to get the same respect when I first started back. I don’t have that same challenge today. But it was hard.

Our CAN Fund #150Women mantra is being EPIC, what does EPIC mean to you?
It means to be the BEST version of yourself you can be, to always strive for the impossible and have the belief in yourself that ANY dream is possible. 

In two sentences or less, what does it mean to be supported by women?
It is incredible to be supported as a Canadian athlete. To know that people have your back and believe in you. But being a mom, I have this huge respect for the women who are reaching out to help. They are or have chased their own dreams and choose to support ME. I am confident these women have hit their own hurdles in life and they chose to help build women up. It’s incredible. 

Do you have any pre-competition superstitions or routines?
I go up to the strongest person I can find and ask them to hand fight with me (I’m one of the lightest categories), that way I always feel something way strong than I will in the match and I won’t get rattled when the match begins

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