Dorothy Yeats

Name: Dorothy Yeats
CAN Fund Recipient Since: 2015
Sport: Wrestling
Best Result:
Silver Medalist at the 2012 World Championships
2x Junior World Champion
2015 Pan Am Games Gold Medalist
Hometown: Montreal. QC
Nickname: Dori
Horoscope Sign: Leo
On The National Team Since: 2009

Think of someone who has impacted your life. Share 3 words on who they are to you.
There is no one person who significantly impacted me. It has been an entire community of people. But if I were to summarize in 3 words what these people helped me with, I would say:
Perseverance, Dedication, Determination
People who influenced me are my dad who is my coach and also a 5x Olympian, Kyle Shewfelt Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics and my first motivation to be a Canadian Olympian. Tonya Verbeek and Carol Hyunh both Olympic medalists in my sport.

What is the biggest hurdle you have overcome to get to where you are today?
In 2013 I had a very bad concussion and had to sit out for about 3 months. I ended up changing the club where I trained and made a lot of changes to my life as an athlete. There was 1 year of transition where I didn’t know if I would be able to continue wrestling and be successful. I ended up just working hard when I got back on the mat and just doing what I loved and it worked out.

What is the best part about representing Canada?
I love the international love and respect I receive as a Canadian. People love Canadians! It’s also amazing wearing the maple leaf and hearing the national anthem on the podium when we win international events!

How did you get involved in your sport?
I started off as a gymnast and always wanted to be an Olympian after seeing Kyle Shewfelt win the Olympics. I was getting too old though and wasn’t even close to that level. I decided to try wrestling because I knew my dad was a 5X Olympian in the sport. I tried it out for a year and won the national championship after only 6 months. It was then that I knew wrestling was the right sport for me.

What do you value most in your friends?
Honesty, good energy and unconditional support.
What advice would you give to young kids or teenagers about following their dreams?
Figure out what drives you; find your passion. Once you do, pursue it. Don’t let others tell you what you should be doing because if you do what you love, you will succeed.

What are you favourite places in the world you have visited?
Izmir Turkey was beautiful. I had my first international competition there and first international win. This was followed by the best Mediterranean sight-seeing experience and dining.
I also liked Australia, Brazil, and Singapore.

What three items do you take with you on every road trip?
Travel Foam Roller, Cell Phone and Book.

What are your hobbies?
Reading, cooking, playing on my phone, watching shows/movies and playing with my dogs, especially at the cottage.

What is your favourite book?
Hunger Games, Harry Potter and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

What is your favourite tv series?
South Park, Family Guy, Parks and Recreation and Orange is the New Black

What is your favourite song to work out to?
Mind Your Manners by Chiddy Bang

What is a healthy snack you eat before or after training sessions?
My favourite snack is any flavor Elevate me Bars

Twitter: @DoriYeats
Instagram: doriyeats