Eric Gillis

Name: Eric Gilliseric_gillis
Sport: Athletics
Hometown: Antigonish, NS

Favorite Sports Memory:
Donavan Bailey winning the Gold medal in Atlanta

Favorite Quote:
If there’s a will there’s a way

CAN Fund Testimonial:
I feel very privileged to receive this support from CAN Fund. I’ve learned how to stretch a little bit a long way over the years, this feels like winning the lotto. I now have the flexibility to do a few extra things in preparation for my next Marathon. I’ve already looked into buying an altitude tent. Thanks so much CAN Fund!

Best Result:
2:13:52, second fastest CAN debut Marathon

Fun Facts:
Something not many people know about me is that I’m dyslexic. It made university a challenge, but as I found what worked for me, it became easier. Being involved in sports/running has been very beneficial in many ways, schooling being a big one. It gave me a reason to pursue postsecondary education and helped foster a work ethic to see my through two degrees…Funny Fact: Can catch lobsters with bare hands while snorkeling, grew up near the ocean 🙂