Erica Wiebe

Name:  Erica WiebeErica Wiebe
CAN Fund #150Women Recipient
:  Wiebie
Hometown:  Ottawa
Sport: Freestyle Wrestling
Best Result:  Olympic Champion
On the National Team Since (Year):  2009

How many hours do you workout/train/compete on average each day and how many days per week?  
6 days a week/train 4-5 hours a day plus physio, massage, recovery

What is the best part about representing Canada?
The pride I feel knowing the values that every Canadian shares; compassion, equality, respect, integrity, and so much more!

Our mantra is being EPIC, what does EPIC mean to you?
Being EPIC is to go above and beyond what you thought you were capable of. It’s that moment when you shock yourself with your own super powers.

What is the biggest hurdle you have overcome to get to where you are today?
Beyond the main struggles of the financial stress of chasing your dreams as an amateur athlete in Canad and being as a woman in a non-traditional sport… the biggest hurdle I have had to overcome is the belief that I was enough. That I am capable of something great. Quieting the voice of self-doubt and giving myself the opportunity to fully express who I am and what I am capable of has been the biggest hurdle and the most important one to overcome!

What three items do you take with you on every road trip?
Wrestling boots, jar of Nutella, ear plugs

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