Florence Maheu

Name:  Florence Maheu Florence Maheu
CAN Fund #150Women Recipient
Nickname:  Flo 
Hometown:  Valleyfield, QC
Sport: Canoe Slalom  

Best Result:  13th at a World Cup 

On the National Team Since (Year):  2011 

What is the biggest hurdle you have overcome to get to where you are today? 
I would say that the biggest hurdle I have had to face was having to train alone. The national training center isn’t where I started paddling. In Valleyfield, I had limited coaching opportunities, as well as limited access to training partners. Training and competing was primarily self-motivated as the sport was not developed at my local training center at the time.  

What are your words to live by or your motto?  
Hard work will always pay off. 

 How did you get involved in your sport?  
I started kayaking when I was 12 years old! One of my teachers at school told me I should try itOf course, I loved it and have been doing it ever since. 

 What is your favourite movie?  
Remember the Titans 

Who is your hero and why?  
My hero is Daniele Molmenti from Italy and the Olympic Champion at the 2012 Olympic Games. I have always looked up to this particular paddler for his grit and his competitiveness. 

What is your favourite thing about being on the road with your teammates?  
Being able to share your passion and work hard towards the same goal with your best friends!  

What three items do you take with you on every road trip?  
Pillow case 
All the coffee essentials 
Umbrella (never forget your umbrella)  

When was the moment you knew you wanted to represent Canada? 
I knew I wanted to represent Canada when I competed at my first National Championships in 2008. At the same time, I watched paddlers go down the course at the Olympic Games in Beijing. It was at this moment that I knew I wanted to be a part of something bigger.  

Instagram: @florencemaheu