Ian Cockerline

Name: Ian Cockerline132
Sport: Luge
Hometown: Calgary, AB

Favorite Sport Memory:
My own favorite memory was the World Championships in 2008 where Sam Edney, Jeff Christie and myself all finished in the top 15. It was the first time that had ever been done (3 in top 15) by Canadian men. It was especially awesome because the three of us have basically been best friends since we started traveling together probably 7 or 8 years ago.

Favorite Quote:
Never in a hurry, just moving fast!

CAN Fund Testimonial:
I’m now a two time Olympian, and I can safely say that finding sponsorship is incredibly difficult. Athletes hate asking for handouts, so having a fund like this is simply essential for athletes that don’t have the “connections” to pull out sponsorship deals.

Best Result:
20th place 2010 Olympic Medalist
15th 2008 World Championships.
14th Place Calgary World Cup

Fun Facts:
I love to mountain bike, love to ski, and I’m scared of heights and I loved Star Trek when I was kid. Star Wars for that matter too. Oh, and if I make a promise, I’ll do just about anything to keep it.