Jesse Cockney

Name: Jesse Cockney
Cross Country Skiing
Canmore, AB

Favourite Sports Memory: The total shock and excitement of watching Chandra Crawford win the 2006 Olympic Skate sprint is definitely my favorite sports memory. I don’t know how many times I watched that race, but it was so cool to see it over and over again and the feeling of her creating such a big upset in a sport that usually sees the favorites take home the medals.

How you got involved in your sport: I started skiing at a very young age. My parents had my sister and I skiing shortly after we could stand up and had us out in the cold Yellowknife winters pretty quick. When my family moved to Canmore, AB, my parents put me in the local Jackrabbit program with Canmore Nordic Ski Club and the rest is history!

The moment you knew you wanted to represent Canada: I really can’t remember when I decided I wanted to ski at an international level. Growing up in Canmore, the centre of skiing in Canada, I feel like I’ve always known that racing internationally for Canada is what I wanted to strive for and work hard every day to achieve.

Favourite Quote: “Hard work pays off.”

CAN Fund Testimonial: Receiving funding from CAN Fund allows me to focus and prepare to my full potential. Without this support I would most likely be working a part time job to make ends meet and missing valuable training and recovery time. Instead I’m able to live as a professional athlete and make sure that I’m taking care of the little things on a daily basis.

Best Result: 9th 2012 World Cup Skate Sprint (2nd in qualifying)

Share one valuable tool that you use on a daily basis that helps you to be the best athlete you can be: It sounds silly but it’s my phone. I can monitor training values with apps like iThlete HRV, plan and update training plans with TrainingPeaks, check training locations with Google Calendar, there’s really no end to how useful my phone is to my daily training routine!

Who is one person in your life that has impacted your career and what was it that they taught you: My first couple years on my current team (Alberta World Cup Academy) I was lucky enough to train alongside Gord Jewett and learn what it means to give everything each day and be a professional. I have no shortage of lessons learned from Gord!

Have you read any articles or books or watched any videos or movies recently that really inspired you: I’m a sucker for anything motivational in sports. The Peaceful Warrior is a book that really inspired me to be happy with the process and let the end result happen instead of forcing anything. Also the Bone Cage is a book I really enjoyed. There isn’t much in the way of fiction pertaining to Canadian Amateur athletes so I really enjoyed reading an outside observers view of our interesting life choices and how we’re affected by competition.

Fun Facts: I spend lots of time in the kitchen. Baking bread and making pizza are my favourite kitchen passtimes. I love the NFL and run a Fantasy Football league with some friends and teammates. Also the current Champion of that league!