Jody Barber

Name: Jody Barber1
Sport: Cross Country Skiing and Biathlon (Paralympic)
Hometown: Smithers, BC
That’s classified (Well, okay… Jedi, Yoda … I don’t know why but I think it had something to do with one of our wax technicians).

Favorite Sport Memory:
My first ski race with one pole. I did it 14 months after my arm was nearly severed in a cycling accident and I came last, but I was so excited to be in the game again – part of the action. I just couldn’t stop smiling. It gave me hope.

Favorite Quote:
“Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond”
– C. Swindoll

CAN Fund Testimonial:
Financial worries are stressful and cause distraction from my most important job – training to be the best I can be in 2010. The CAN Fund takes the financial pressure off and allows me to focus on training full time. Thank you!

Best Results:
6th place 2010 Paralympics, 15k Free, Standing
6th place 2010 Paralympics, 5k Classic, Standing
4th place 2010 Paralympics, 3X2.5k Relay
World Cup Silver Medalist, Biathlon
World Championships Bronze Medalist

Fun Facts

  • I’m married and have a great husband and five wonderful children (14-21).
  • I can do amazing things with tofu – my kids love my tofu stir fry. Really!
  • I like to check in at airports really early.
  • I like to be at start lines early.
  • I seem to meet lots of moose on local runs. Sometimes I have to chat with them until they move out of the way.
  • Sometimes I moonwalk in the kitchen in the morning. I’m not very good at it…but I think the kids are used to it now.
  • I love tea with soy milk and honey.
  • I eat oatmeal before races.