John Rasmussen

Name:  John RasmussenJohn 2
First time CAN Fund Recipient
Nickname:  Johnny Raz
Hometown: Hamilton, ON
Sport: Triathlon

How many hours do you workout/train/compete on average each day and how many days per week?
35-40 hours/week, 7 days/week

Biggest lesson you have learned to get to where you are today?
The biggest lesson I learned was that a successful workout is delivering the right mindset. The best workouts can come from failure.

What is your pre-game/pre-competition meal?
Oatmeal with maple syrup (Canadian – obviously), bananas, blueberries

How did you get involved in your sport?
In 2000, my Dad brought home a flyer from the Toronto International Bike Show advertising the “new” sport of triathlon. Having done swimming lessons at the local pool, biking with my family around the Dundas Valley, and running cross-country races for my elementary school of Rosseau, I convinced my parents to let me try the Kids of Steel race in Leamington, ON. I instantly fell in love and have been racing ever since.

What is the best part about representing Canada?
Wearing the maple leaf on your chest and representing all the people you love.

Instagram: @johnnyraz
Twitter: @johnny_raz

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