Kevyn Peterson

Name: Kevyn Petersonkevyn_peterson
Sport: Swimming
Hometown: Salmon Arm, BC
Nickname: KP

Favorite Sports Memory:
Competing at FISU as part of Team Canada. It was my first major international meet and I just loved the whole Canadian team atmosphere and team spirit.

CAN Fund Testimonial:
Being a CAN Fund recipient means everything to me. Training isn’t conducive to having a steady job, so any funding that I receive helps me get one step closer to being the best athlete I can be by relieving the pressure I feel when it comes to paying for training camps, equipment, groceries…

Best Result:
Winning 400 freestyle at World University Games in Belgrade, Serbia

Fun Facts:
Even though I say my hometown is Salmon Arm, BC, I was really born in Calgary, AB, and lived in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for 5 years before moving to Salmon Arm. I am going through school to be an elementary school teacher. Before I get on the blocks for a race I always pull down my cap, push my goggles and fiddle with a ring I have on my right ring finger. If I don’t do that, I don’t feel mentally prepared to race