Mary Benson

Name: Mary Bensonimg_0170-1
Sport: Cross Country Skiing (Paralympic)
Hometown: White Rock, BC

Favorite Sport Memory:
Making Team Manitoba for Field Hockey

Favorite Quote:
Failing to plan is planning to fail

CAN Fund Testimonial:
Without the support of CAN Fund I would not have been able to attend training camps this past summer in New Zealand or go to World Cups this winter in Europe. I was able to post my best results in Germany because of the support of CAN Fund.

Best Result:
14th place 2010 Paralympics, 5k Classic, Standing
February 2010 Oberried Germany World Cup Sprint Semi Finals 8th Place

Fun Facts:
I make friends with everyone! Language is not a barrier, I have conversations with people from Belarus, Ukraine, Japan, Poland, Russia does not matter, we figure it out! Smiling is a Universal Language, laughing is universal, I have created my own “sign language” it is called “Canadian Friendly.” When I had my driver’s licence taken away after my brain injury, it was very traumatic for me. So, I wanted my partner and I to buy a house with a yard big enough for a “John Deere” ride on mower. It didn’t happen so I have a couple miniature JD tractors for now.