Nathan Gafuik

Name: Nathan Gafuiknathan-gafuik
Sport: Gymnastics
Hometown: Calgary, AB
Nickname: Still working on one

Favorite Sport Memory:
Competing with my team at the 2008 Olympics as well as placing 1st with my team at the 2006 Commonwealth Games

Favorite Quote:
Don’t cry because it over, smile because it happened

CAN Fund Testimonial:
CAN Fund is an essential organization to all Canadian Athletes. They are a very fun, easy going and passionate group to work with and I am always happy to be involved with their endeavors.

Best Result:
17th AA at the 2008 Olympics
1st AA at the 2010 Pacific Rim Championships
Multiple World Cup medals

Fun Facts:
I am basically a very normal guy but I probably enjoy a good dance party more than the average. I don’t have any superstitions but I always wear the same socks and competition shoes when I compete more so for the comfort factor.