Robin Randall

Name: Robin Randallrobin_randall
Sport: Waterpolo
Hometown: Drinkwater, SK
Nickname: Stretch, Drinkwater

Favorite Sports Memory:
Qualifying for the Beijing Olympics

Favorite Quote:
I don’t want to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.
– Groucho Marx

CAN Fund Testimonial:
As a first time recipient of the CAN Fund, I am honored and humbled. To be included with the current and former recipients of this grant is to be singled out by those who have come before me. That is a special feeling, and the reward that comes with it is greater than monetary. This selection has simultaneously reinforced my desire to compete (by including me in an exclusive group of athletes that are the best at what they do) and my ability to focus on competition (by relieving the financial pressure that comes with dedicating yourself to an amateur sporting career). Quite simply, The CAN Fund has made my life easier – and, for anyone, that is a truly great gift.

Best Result:
8th; 2009 FINA World Championships, Roma, Italy (Canadian record)

Fun Facts:
I build self-suspending bridges in my back yard and perpetual motion machines in my basement. I have broken the bar-code system at the supermarket. I am the maestro of a dog chorus. I am incredibly famous but successfully avoid the paparazzi. I found Osama. I am a published poet. I know the Caramilk Secret. I don’t want to be like Mike. I know where the beef is. I’ve just done it, and I intend to just do it again tomorrow.