Ryan Cochrane

Name: Ryan Cochrane
CAN Fund Recipient Since: 2010
Sport: Swimming
Best Result:
2012 Olympic Silver Medalist
2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist
Hometown: Victoria, BC

How does being a CAN Fund Recipient make a difference for you?
As an athlete, you need to ensure you get enough sleep, eat high quality food, and stay healthy so you are able to train past what you ever thought was possible. The funding from CAN Fund has allowed me to buy those better food options, so I can fuel my body with exactly what it needs for peak performance every day.

Share 3 words to describe what CAN Fund is to you.
Above And Beyond.

Think of someone who has impacted your life. Share 3 words on who they are to you:
My former and late coach Randy Bennett– Determined, Strong Willed
Randy has by far been the greatest influence on my swimming career. Both in the water and out, he has pushed for greatness and instilled an imagination around sport that I never thought was possible. Together, we have been able to accomplish great things in sport, and the tenants that have gotten me there will stay with me forever.

Based on your experiences what would be your breakthrough advice to someone?
Never idolize anyone. Appreciate what they’ve done but remember everyone is beatable.
What is the best advice you have received?
The work never stops.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned to get to where you are today?
Trust in your support network because you can’t achieve much alone.

Why are you proud to be Canadian?
Whenever I get a chance to represent Canada on the international stage, I think about how fortunate I was to have grown up in a country that allows individuality, choice, and encourages great values. Our multicultural background is something that should be celebrated and there are many pieces of Canadian culture that can’t be found anywhere else; we are unique in the best way.

Twitter: @cochraneryan
Website: www.ryancochrane.ca
Facebook Fan Page: www.facebook.com/CochraneRyan