Scott Perras

Name: Scott Perrasscott-perras-headshot
Sport: Biathlon
Hometown: Regina, SK

Favorite Sports Memory: Being nominated to my first National Team.

How you got involved in your sport: I wanted to represent Saskatchewan at the CWG 2003

The moment you knew you wanted to represent Canada: When I watched on TV the men’s hockey team win Olympic gold in 2002.

Favorite Quote: “Strength and weakness live together in each and every one of us, and we are fools if we do not see both when we look at someone else”

Best Result: 10th in World Cup #5 2013

Share one valuable tool that you use on a daily basis that helps you to be the best athlete you can be: I have surrounded myself with amazing and driven people, I have no choice but to be the best I can be to keep up.

Who is one person in your life that has impacted your career and what was it that they taught you? My Parents showed/taught me that everything can be accomplished with hard work and you have control of how hard you work.

Have you read any articles or books or watched any videos or movies recently that really inspired you: Without Limits (1998) is the most inspiring movie I have watched. It’s about Steve Prefontaine an American distance runner who believes that if it comes down to guts he will win! And wants nothing more than to test himself.

Fun Facts: I watched a Biathlon race on TV and was intrigued. Being a young boy I was really interested in the shooting part. I asked my parents if I could try it but at the time they were unsure if there was such a club or team in Saskatchewan. A year later we found a club but it was $600 for skis and my parents said if they purchased me skis then I had to try Biathlon for a full season. As soon as I got them home I took them in the field behind my house and it was the most awful feeling. I didn’t know that you needed groomed trails. Over a decade later I am still racing and loving it as much as my first years.