Sherraine Schalm

Name: Sherraine Schalmsherraine-schalm1
Sport: Fencing
Hometown: Brooks, AB
Nickname: Shep because I followed around my older sister like a sheep dog

Favorite Sports Memory:
When I won the silver medal at the World Championships last year it was the first time I could FEEL the energy from the crowd supporting me. They were all my loud, crazy teammates who were screaming and yelling for me to win. They told me later, “We haven’t cheered so hard since the Nordiqu

Favorite Quote:
Woody Allen once said, “If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.”

CAN Fund Testimonial:
More important than the money, this Fund makes Canadian athletes feel like professionals. Jane Roos (Founder and Executive Director of Canadian Athletes Now) turned funding from a 4 year begging cycle to make us feel like we deserve support during our training times, too! Also, she encourages us to help each other out. I feel like a part of a wealthy family that helps me to win but supports me even if I sometimes lose. At my disappointing loss in Beijing, Jane called me to let me know she was there for me. It was an incredible moment I will always remember.

Best Result:
2nd World Championships 2009. World Ranked #1 for 2006

Fun Facts:
They all have to do with singing. If I wasn’t a fencer I would do anything to be an opera singer as I am wildly passionate about that crazy art form … my only problem is the only good thing I can do with my voice is a perfect imitation of Julie Andrews. So unless they make Madame Butterfly with Mary Poppins tunes, I’m out of luck for a future career. The first time I won a world cup they didn’t expect a Canadian to win so they didn’t bother having O’Canada on file (this was the days before the internet). I offered to sing but since they heard me screaming so much during my match they probably thought I’d do a crap job. They didn’t know “Julie Andrews” was dying to make her mark on the World Cup Fencing stage, so they put on some salsa music instead and we danced our way off the podium.