Sheryl Preston

Name: Sheryl Prestonsheryl-preston
Sport: Rowing
Hometown: North Delta, BC

Favorite Sports Memory:
I would say my favorite sports memory of all was being the athlete of the year in grade 7. This was the first time ever I can vividly remember realizing how gratifying it is to be one of the best.

Favorite Quote:
What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger (what one of my first rowing coaches, Brenda Taylor, told me and I now live by it)

CAN Fund Testimonial:
Jane and the rest of the CAN Fund crew have helped tremendously by lifting a good deal of my financial burden with the CAN Fund.

Best Result:
Most recent are two 2009 World Cup bronze medals, both in the lightweight double.

Fun Facts:
I absolutely love pushing “limits”, though I think limits are a figment of our imagination. When I am finished with high performance sport I want to play endlessly in the outdoors, do another ironman (but train for it this time), and some ultra trail running. My dream career(s) are to be a yoga instructor/sommelier/chef/coach while I pursue my science (cancer) research.