Ted-Jan Bloemen

Picture 1Name: Ted-Jan Bloemen
Sport: Speed Skating – Long Track
Hometown: Calgary, AB

How has being a Canadian athlete allowed you to give back to your community?
It is a great honour to represent Canada, I’m very grateful for that. When I give back to my community I do it in a way that makes people proud. 

Favourite Quote?
I don’t really have a single favourite, but here’s one that I heard and really liked:
“In the end everything will be alright. And if it’s not alright, it’s not the end”

It is a good reminder to never give up, it also really applies to my career since it took me a really long time to finally be competing for medals. I always decided it was not the end.

Favourite Sports Memory?

After breaking the 10.000m World Record the team organized a little celebration for me. I feel it is all because of them that I was able to get this out of myself, this celebration meant to me that they also appreciate what I bring to the team.