Tom Ramshaw

Name: Tom RamshawTom Ramshaw
CAN Fund Recipient since 2016
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Sport: Sailing
Best Result: 5th at 2018 World Championships ,2016 Olympian
On The National Team Since (Year): 2012

Who is one person who has significantly impacted your life/journey? 
Vaughn Harrison, he was my first coach when I was 12 and has continued to coach me until now sometimes in a formal role but often informally. We are great friends and share a lot with regards to sailing and personal growth. Without him there is no way I would have found my way into a successful career in international sailing.

Tell us how they made a difference and share 3 words that describe who that person is to you.

What is your favourite movie?
180 Degrees South

When was the moment you knew you wanted to represent Canada? 
Watching the Olympics as a kid always got me inspired and made me dream of being there one day. When I was 14 I got the chance to compete at the North Americans and being at the same competition as Olympians made me really want to commit to sailing, even though I didn’t start training full time until I was 19.

What are your favourite places in the world you have visited?
Valencia, Trinidad, Long Beach CA, Puerto Vallarta. All great sailing venues.

Instagram: @tomramshaw