Veronika Bauer

Name: Veronika Bauer

Sport: Freestyle Skiing

Hometown: Toronto, ON

Nickname: Little Vee

Favorite Sport Memory:
Traveling with my teammates who have become my best friends. And the times I’ve done well and stood on the podium representing Canada.

Favorite Quote:
Wether you think you can or think you can’t…you’re right

CAN Fund Testimonial:
The people at CAN Fund really care about and understand high performance athletes. They are there for you to help with any kind of problem, whether it’s financial or not.

Best Result:
15th place 2010 Olympics, Aerials
2008 National champions
18 World cup medals. 1 gold and 1 silver at World Championships.

Fun Facts:
I carry my blankie around with me everywhere. I even carry it on the plane with me, pull it out and play with it in my fingers.