Warren Shouldice

Name: Warren Shouldiceprofile3

Sport: Freestyle Skiing

Hometown: Calgary, AB

Nickname: Wookie

Favorite Sport Memory:
Watching the mens hockey team win gold in 2002, I’m a pretty big hockey fan. Also, any time I get to watch a Canadian stand on top of the podium at a major games, it sends shivers down my spine.

Favorite Quote:
Fortune favors the bold

CAN Fund Testimonial:
In 2009 I suffered a terrible crash that left me with a concussion and compression fracture in my back. Were it not for support from the CAN Fund I would have never been able to pay for the treatments that allowed me to return to competition in time to compete at the world championships where I finished 3rd.

Best Result:
10th place 2010 Olympics, Aerials
3rd place 2009 World Championships
6th place 2006 Olympics.

Fun Facts:
When competing, I wear a t-shirt that says “let the wookie win” it’s always brought me good luck. In my free time I like to play hockey, skateboard and watch movies. The Calgary Flames are my favorite hockey team, when they lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals back in 2004 I was depressed for a month!