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Our athletes spend the majority of the year away from home training and competing for Canada.  By joining Patrons of Sport you are giving our athletes home field advantage 12 months a year no matter where they are in the world.  

Patrons of Sport is a passionate and committed group of monthly donors who believe in giving our athletes what they need in the critical years and months leading up to the Games.  The years when no one is watching or even aware of our athletes and their journey to be the best in the world.  

It’s about Impact, Believing, and Joining the Journey

Joining Patrons of Sport is convenient.  Automatic deductions are made from your credit card each month, and you can change the amount at any time.  When you join Patrons of Sport you will receive a tax receipt for your total donation at the end of the year along with a list of the names of the athletes you have supported.