CAN Fund Digital Magazine

The CAN Fund digital magazine takes you behind the scenes at CAN Fund sharing stories of athletes who wear the maple leaf, the impact of investing in Canadian talent, gratitude, inspiration, campaign details, ways to give and get involved.

Celebrating 20 Years: Thank you for helping make dreams achievable for the best athletic talent in Canada. Together we are celebrating 20 years of CAN Fund!


Journey – Success Issue Throughout this third Journey magazine, you will discover how success is unique to everyone and comes in many different forms. Our athletes take success to a world class level of commitment and these pages are full of captivating stories and examples of courage, resilience and never giving up. CLICK TO READ

Journey – The Parallel Issue showcasing the para athletes who compete for Canada.  Read their stories, find out where their motivation comes from, what it means to them to represent their country, press play and hear their favourite workout songs on Spotify. Find out when the next CAN Fund #150Women BE EPIC Class is and who is hosting it, we celebrate the life of Priscila Uppal and so much more. CLICK TO READ

Journey – The Impact Issue featuring athletes and their stories and the impact each donor makes supporting Canadian talent. You’ll see what is happening at CAN Fund and hear how our fundraising campaigns are making double and even triple the impact.  With 850 athletes applying to CAN Fund learn more about us and why every donation makes a difference to our athletes on their journey to compete for Canada. CLICK TO READ