CAN Fund Stats

CAN Fund offers 2 applications a year to which summer, winter, able-bodied and Paralympic athletes representing Canada on the world stage can apply. Each athlete is eligible to receive up to $12,000 a year from CAN Fund ($6,000/application). Top level athletes receive $1765/month from Sport Canada to live on. The majority of athletes in Canada rely on CAN Fund so they can afford proper nutrition, better equipment, coaching, team fees, extra physiotherapy and travel to training camps and competitions.

  •  Since 2003 CAN Fund has raised over $40 million for Canadian athletes.
  • CAN Fund supported 80% of the Canadian athletes representing Canada at each of the Tokyo, PyeongChang, Rio, Sochi, London, Vancouver, Beijing, Torino and Athens Games.
  • Our goal is always to impact the greatest number of athletes possible. As funds are raised, financial support is distributed to successful applicants on a continuous basis. The number of athletes that can be supported each application all depends on the amount of funds raised.

The need has always been there but this year it is even greater. For the first time in CAN Fund history there are four Games back-to-back in less than a year (Summer and Winter, able-bodied and para). 605 athletes recently applied to CAN Fund for direct financial support including 280 winter athletes.

Following is an eye-opening reality of just how underfunded winter athletes applying to CAN Fund are.

3 out of 5 winter athletes are in debt and have a negative net income. Their expenses to train and compete for Canada are greater than their income from sponsorship, bursaries, prize money and work.

40% of the winter athletes reporting negative net income are not only the best in Canada but they are also ranked top 20 in the world!

53% of the winter athletes relying on CAN Fund also work throughout the year when permitted to supplement their income.  Keep in mind that most athletes train 6 days a week and at least 4 hours a day.

Being a national team athlete Is a full-time job that requires months spent away from home.

Every sport is very different when it comes to their major expenses.  Athletes are constantly trying to balance their training with being able to afford what they need to be competitive.

  • An Alpine Skier pays an average annual “team fee” of $21,235.
  • A Bobsleigh athlete spends an average of $3,190 a year on equipment.
  • Freestyle Skier spends an average of $10,363 annually on travel.
  • A Figure Skater spends on average $22,347 a year on coaching.
  • A Para Ice Hockey Player spends on average $5,283 a year on proper nutrition.