How It Works

The CAN Fund “Celebrate Impact, Impact Success” invites you to recognize a person who has impacted your life with a CAN Fund Impact Gift.

First, think of a person in your life who has impacted your success and who you are today.  Through CAN Fund you now have the opportunity to celebrate their impact by choosing one of the Impact Gifts.  The most unique and meaningful gift is the 3 Words CAN Fund Original Painting (minimum donation $500).  You choose 3 Words that embody who your person is to you and these words are then featured on a 8″x8″ original painting created by artist Jane Roos.  The Key To My Success – Sterling Silver Cufflinks ($250 donation) can be worn as a reminder of the impact they have made on your life.  The CAN Fund Book of Inspirational Quotes ($150 donation) is a great addition to any coffee table or desk to inspire and remind your person of the impact they have made.

Each of the Impact Gifts are a different donation amount and are eligible for a tax receipt based on the gifts you select.  Click here for pricing and tax receipt details.  Once your order has been placed (via online or payment form), CAN Fund will ship your Impact Gift directly to your Impact Person on your behalf.  Both you and your Impact Person will also find out the name of the Canadian athlete who is directly benefiting from your donation.  It is our experience that this special and “out of the blue” gift comes as a surprise to the person receiving it because we are often unaware of the impact we have on others.

CAN Fund Impact Gifts:

3 Words CAN Fund Original Painting by Artist Jane Roos

Minimum Donation $500

Each painting is a custom order created by Jane who incorporates the 3 Words you choose to celebrate your Impact Person.                         Size: 8×8 Medium: Acrylic on canvas with gloss finish Shipping: Your painting is shipped directly to your Impact Person on your behalf.

          $250 donation                                             $150 donation


Included with each Impact Gift:

  • Packaging: Each Impact Gift is specially gift wrapped and packaged.
  • Impact Gift Letter: Each Impact Gift comes with a letter about the Impact Campaign.
  • Shipping: CAN Fund ships your Impact Gift directly to your Impact Person on your behalf.
  • Personal Message: With the purchase of each Impact Gift you have the opportunity to include a personal message to your Impact Person.