Impact Testimonials

“The 3 Words CAN Fund Original Painting gave me the opportunity to express my gratitude in a creative and heartfelt way to the person that positively impacted me in ways that are immeasurable. His immediate response from my gift was evidence that it only took ‘three words’ to convey my deepest feelings and created a moment that I will forever cherish.”

Mark Harrison

“I put my painting up in my office. Once you retire as an athlete you often wonder if you made a difference. That day I felt I had made a difference on one of the greatest people I know – which made it even more special!”

 Cassie Campbell- Pascall  

“Sometimes we don’t take the time to really thank those people whom have inspired or guided us during our lives.  And the reaction to this simple act of thanks and friendship is perhaps even more rewarding and impactful to the person who gives the painting.
In 3 words –  this is amazing”

Suzanne Bays

“I just want to let you know that I absolutely love my painting. It means so much to me.  My sister in law Robyn received the CAN Fund Book of Inspirational Quotes and she was in tears!   Thank you so much!”

Marisa Orlando

“She was beyond thrilled by the surprise, by the saying, by my letter, by the donation to the athlete, and YOUR talent. She loved everything about it!!!!  Me too.  The CAN Fund 3 Words Original Paintings are awesome”

Marg Soden 

“Just amazing!  To be able to surprise my best friend with a painting that describes her in three words, and at the same time help our Canadian Athletes!  My best friend lives out of town, so CAN Fund mailed the painting to her, upon opening her gift she immediately called me and left a message on my phone that was just priceless.  She was so touched, and I could tell she was crying happy tears.  I still have the message saved!  It will be forever saved.  It’s one of those messages you just don’t ever delete.  Here’s just a snippet of it: ‘I just got the most beautiful gift from you in the mail, you made me cry, I want to thank you, you made my day, it’s beautiful, so thoughtful, nicest thing I’ve ever received, love you.’   I will definitely be sending more of these out to the people I love.”

Neil Young

 “My wife, Gina Mollicone-Long, has been an inspiration to me and to many people, so for her 45th birthday I chose to celebrate her impact on others with a 3 Words CAN Fund Original Painting.  The words I chose were inspiring, generous and loving.  She loves the colours, the words and the gesture.  It was a moving experience to be able to honour her this way.”

Andrew Long