Christine Sinclair & CAN Fund in the Canadian Soccer News

A Christmas Challenge
by Duane Rollins, Canadian Soccer News
12-16-2011 03:24 PM

There is little doubt that it takes sacrifices to be an Olympian – personal, physical and financial. And the members of the Canadian women’s team exemplify that dedication.

This is a year that saw the women encamp in Italy for months to prepare for the World Cup – giving up what limited professional opportunities they might have had by doing so – and enter into a long and emotionally draining battle with the CSA for better funding. Then, after a devastating World Cup and the loss of their coach, they had to gear themselves back up almost immediately to prepare for Olympic qualifying.

Despite the set-backs, they represented Canadians with distinction at the Pan Am Games, winning gold in a dramatic shoot-out victory over Brazil. There is every reason to believe that they will complete the rebound and qualify to London next month, where they will enter as a legitimate medal contender.

But, they need our support. All Canadian athletes do. Although things have improved, Canadian Olympians are still at a financial disadvantage compared to many other nations.

Enter the Canadians Athletes Now Fund (CANFund). Relying on donations from Canadians, CANFund provides direct financial support to the men and women that entertain and inspire us through elite sport. Included in those that receive support through the fund are eight members of the Canadian women’s team.

CANFund is currently raising money for the lead-up to London. The effort is going well – as of Dec 16, 86 per cent of their goal of $175,000 has been raised – but there is still work to be done.

Christine Sinclair has asked Canadians to make a donation of $12 (for her jersey number 12) each to help push the goal over the top. Seems like the least we can do considering how entertaining her play has been to Canadian soccer fans over the years.

But, I’m going to go a step further. Since 2008, I have never asked you to pay to read my work at The 24th Minute, Canadian Soccer News or to listen to It’s Called Football. I hope you find what I, and the other writers, provide valuable. If you do, why not double up Sinclair’s challenge and help us help Canadian Olympians — including our women’s team.

$24 for the 24th Minute!

Please click here to make your donation through Sinclair’s page.


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