Did You Know $8 Could Make Canada A Better Country?

Canadian athletes support each other and rally for Canadians to get behind them!
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Since its inception in 1997, the Canadian Athletes Now Fund, which allows average Canadians to directly impact the lives of our country’s athletes with ongoing, direct funding has raised over 6 million dollars and supported 500 athletes.

Attention:  Sports, Entertainment and News Producers, Editors and Writers

WHAT: Photo and Interview op
WHO: Tonya Verbeek (Wrestling), Michael Mahood (Field Hockey), John David Burnes (Archery), Massimo Bertocchi (Athletics), Vanessa Lee (Archery), Josh Cassidy (Wheelchair Racing), Jason Burnett (Trampoline), Rosannagh MacLennan (Trampoline), Martin Myers (Trampoline), Conrad Leinemann (Beach Volleyball), Barney Williams (Rowing Alumni)
WHEN: Tuesday April 29, 2008
7:30 – 9:30 am
WHERE: Corners of Bay & King Street
Toronto, Ontario


Media Contact and to RSVP or to Arrange Interview:

Lorraine Quartaro
T: 416.367.1222
C: 416.433.7232