“Donate Your Sport Number” New National Campaign Husky

December 4, 2008donate_number_news
Toronto, ON

Olympic Gold Medalists, Maple Leaf Alumni and more than 20 high school athletes, gathered today to launch the Canadian Athletes Now Fund  (CAN Fund) New National “Donate Your Sport Number” Campaign to raise direct support for our Canadian athletes.  The campaign comes at a time when the economy has it challenges, a recent press conference by Clara Hughes 4 time Olympian urging Corporate Canada to support more athletes with the Games only 14 months away and it follows the success of the Canadian Athletes Now Fund $8 for 08 08 08 Campaign.

The Donate Your Sport Number is a grassroots campaign. It is an opportunity for everyone to appreciate the impact of sport.  Words like: friendship, teamwork, respect, values, work ethic, and commitment are many of the attributes people share when celebrating all that sport brings to their lives.

“We are asking all Canadians to join one team.  To donate their Sport Number so our Canadian athletes can wear the Maple Leaf and be competitive on the world stage” says Jane Roos Founder and Executive Director of Can Fund.

If your number is #12 like High School Athlete Kaitlyn Leewing you would donate $12. “It was the number I got two years ago and I’ve tried to get for every sport I play. It is my lucky number. 12 is also the number of girls on my rep Basketball team and reminds me of team work and leading the other 11 girls.” shares Kaitlyn.

With the current questions concerning the economy, the campaign is about everyone giving a little and making a big impact.  It is about direct funding where every dollar makes a difference for an athlete.  With every donation, in addition to getting a tax receipt, donors are told the name of which Canadian athlete they’re helping.  It’s personal, in the way that Olympic Gold Medalist Hockey Player Gillian Apps talks about,“ Wearing #10 is the about family and pride, it was my grandfather’s Syl Apps number.”

The Donate Your Sport Number Campaign is also interactive.  Donors can upload photos to the CAN FUND website of them wearing their number and say why it is important to them. Parents and children can download a certificate and personalize it with their child’s Sport Number and add the name of the athlete they have supported.  To Donations can be made on-line at www.CanadianAthletesNow.com or by calling 1-866-YES-2008 with funds going directly to the athletes.

About the Canadian Athletes Now Fund
The Canadian Athletes Now Fund is a not-for-profit organization devoted solely to raising money and awareness for Canada’s amateur athletes. Celebrating its 11th anniversary, the Fund has helped over 800 Canadian athletes prepare for international summer and winter competitions. Canadian athletes allocate this direct financial support to their training, coaching, nutrition and living expenses. For every contribution a tax receipt is issued and the donor finds out which athlete they have supported. www.CanadianAthletesNow.ca