Introducing Canada’s First Online Trivia Game in Support of Canadian Athletes!

June 25, 2009 beaver
Toronto, ON

Canadians know that being a Canuck doesn’t mean living in an igloo, watching hockey 24-7 or knowing Bob from Canada. Now with all eyes on our beautiful country in 2010, it’s time to shatter any misconceptions about ‘our home and native land’ through a new and 100% Canadian online game calledToques and Beavers ( Play to refresh your memory. Play to learn things you didn’t already know. Play to support Canadian athletes. But most of all, play together with family and friends to have fun, showing off your Canadian pride!

“Everyone loves trivia games yet we rarely get the opportunity to play with Canadian specific content,” said Sari Gabbay, President of U2R1 Media Inc., who designed the game and helped bring this unique concept to life. “I picture children challenging their parents as they try to outsmart them. Parents will also love the importance it places on education and knowing about our beautiful country … it makes learning fun.”

The game works like this:
Players access Toques and Beavers online and sign-up for free, via Facebook applications or on the official website Everyone begins with $0 and an online persona. The dice is rolled and you move around the board, landing on one of four different types of playing cards that can help the player earn or lose money. All cards ask Canadian trivia questions on a wide range of topics. Sample questions include:

  • What was the original name of Regina, Saskatchewan?
  • What’s the maximum of Gold Medals Canada won in the Summer Olympics?
  • What was Wayne Gretzky’s first professional team?
  • Who was the first woman leader of a federal political party?

All questions are multiple-choice and fall into the categories of Geography, Sports, Entertainment, History, ‘Canadianism’, Politics and more. Once players have earned enough money, they move to the next level of the game where their character morphs and the questions become more challenging. The goal of the game is to reach $1,000,000 in the fastest time. Each month, the winner with the highest point total wins a prize. (Must be 18 or older / parents to collect the prize but anyone can play the game).

Toques and Beavers has also partnered with Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN Fund) to raise money for Canadian Athletes. CAN Fund is a non profit organization devoted to helping both able-bodied and Paralympic winter and summer athletes off set training and living expenses as they prepare to compete on the world stage.

“The greatest thing about donating to CAN Fund is you immediately find out which Canadian athlete your money is helping,” says Jane Roos, Founder and Executive Director of CAN Fund. “Now more than ever our athletes need our support, in whatever amount we can provide. We are thrilled to partner with Toques & Beavers as this Canadian trivia game presents a fabulous opportunity for families to come together, learn about our country and connect with the athletes that wear the maple leaf on the sporting world stage.”

“Athletes are constantly traveling and spending weeks, sometimes months away from home for training and competitions,” says Carla MacLeod, member of the Canadian National Women’s Hockey Team. “It is reassuring to know there is an accessible, 100% Canadian trivia game available so we can get a dose of home when we need it most. How can you not love a game that is all about Canada and brings together children and their families for friendly competition? Initiatives like Toques and Beavers are so valuable when it comes to national pride, which is huge part of being an athlete. We are extremely grateful for all the support from CAN Fund and now Toques and Beavers as well.”

About Toques and Beavers:
Toques and Beavers is the brainchild of an anonymous philanthropist and U2R1 Media Inc. The online Canadian trivia game was created to engage Canadians from coast to coast and raise money for CAN Fund. Anyone can play this game that tests players’ knowledge of Canada. Topics include tourism, politics, landmarks, history, current events, geography, entertainment, music, wildlife, food, native culture and Canadian-isms.

About Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CAN Fund):
Canadian Athletes Now Fund is a not-for-profit organization devoted solely to raising money and awareness for our Canadian athletes. Celebrating its 12th year of providing direct funding to our athletes, the Fund has raised over nine-million dollars. Canadian athletes allocate this direct financial support to their training, coaching, nutrition and living expenses. For every contribution over $25 a tax receipt is issued and the donor finds out which athlete they have supported.

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