Janet Omstead

Play Expert, Health Coach, Author and Founder of The Play for Life System


Why CAN Fund?  
Having worked on both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games for CTV Sports, I understand that athletes need extra financial support, outside of their federations, to fulfill their Olympic dreams. There is a serious gap in funding that is taking away from athletes being “Game Ready”.  Unfortunately our Canadian athletes don’t always have enough money to train to their full potential.  Many can’t get to The Games without CAN Fund. By being part of the CAN Fund National Advisory Committee I can help bridge the funding gap and make athlete’s dreams come true.

Favourite quote or words to live by. 
Let’s Play for Life!

Share 2-3 things you are grateful for.
I live with gratitude and I see life through a lens of gratefulness – whether it’s my family and friends, or the opportunity in my life to be able to try new things. I actually have a tattoo on my right forearm with the word “grateful” …for real!

What is the best advice you have ever received?
“Live In The Moment”

Biggest lesson you have learned to get to where you are today?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that life can change in an instant. I’ve have come close to losing it all more than once and I’m not even a skydiver! You never know what tomorrow holds for you so appreciate the here and now.

Why are you proud to be Canadian?
Who wouldn’t be proud to be Canadian? Canadians embody the values that I hold near and dear to my heart – kindness, inclusivity and openness.  The more I travel the more I realize that these values are unique to Canada which makes me very proud.