Ruby Leinemann

Events Coordinator

What does being part of CAN Fund mean to you?
For the past eight years, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the impressive evolution of CAN Fund and its ongoing influence on the lives of athletes. Being a member of the CAN Fund team now means that I am part of a community of like-minded individuals who share the same goal of empowering others to achieve excellence and success.

Favourite quote:
“Whatever you choose to do, leave tracks. That means don’t do it just for yourself. You will want to leave the world a little better for your having lived.” —Ruth Bader Ginsburg

What is the best advice you have ever received?
Be fearless, be curious, be kind, be vulnerable.

Biggest lesson you have learned to get to where you are today?
You are in the driver’s seat, it’s your life, take control of it.

Think of someone who has impacted your life. Share 3 words on who they are to you.
Ty Frydenlund (my best friend): Encouraging, Dependable, Empathetic